Fire norms

Eurofoam deflammo FF fulfils important European and international fire safety regulations.

ÖNORM A3800 B1, in parts Q1:
current norm for the comfort area of furniture material

DIN 5510 Part 2 / partly:
important for trains

DIN 4102-1 (B1) / partly:
Important norm for construction materials in Germany 

BS 5852 Crib 5:
one of the strictest upholstered furniture norms in Europe (UK)

EN 13501 E/E:
the new European fire norm, which classifies the behaviour in fire of building products. This norm replaces the norms ÖNORM B2 and B3, which were formerly valid in Austria 

MVSS 302 (DIN 75200):
important requirement for the processing of the material in the automotive industry

UNI 9175 - (1IM):
important norm in Italy 

EN 1021-2 EUFAC

EN 1021-1 EUFAC:
the so-called „cigarette test“




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