Material with character

deflammo FF is a material, which is copied from nature and similar to a bee´s honeycomb.

This unique fire-functional-foam guarantees – thanks to the exact adaptation of the firmness and weight – high bearing capacity and long durability. The new material is characterised by its excellent suspension characteristics. deflammo FF fulfils the strictest safety standards concerning its behaviour in fire and smoke.

The unmistakable colours of the fire-functional-foam are

  • orange-marble
  • grey-marble
  • white

They symbolise the unique product feature "deflammo – I extinguish".

deflammo FF is produced and distributed by Eurofoam. It is, like all foams made by Eurofoam, produced without greenhouse gases. The material is sweat- and saliva resistant as well as having a neutral effect on the groundwater. deflammo FF is 100 percent recyclable.




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